Top Places to Visit in Uzbekistan

Having an idea of visiting Uzbekistan, there are places you can never miss to go. It can be challenging selecting the best place to attend due to the variety of designs and options. Below are destinations that are most popular with most travelers. They are the top places to include in your trip:

  1. Khiva It is the best and favorite place to visit because of its history. Also, it is more authentic because it is located distance from other tourist destinations. Legends say that Khiva was founded in the place where Sem son of Noah dug the well. You can have more fun visiting the area.
  2. Moynak Moynak is an old port where fishers struggled against Russian. This day there is no water near therefor you can visit the place. There are dozen rusty ships and a small monument that confirms the scale of the disaster that made the water disappear. Traveling to that site one can learn a lot.
  3. Bukhara Bukhara s a beautiful town you can never regret visiting there during a holiday. It consists of many historical sites where you can get to know more about their culture. This place has tiny alleys with bricks buildings, and they are lovely. It’s one of the holiest places for Islam.
  4. Samarkand Samarkand is probably a famous city because it is rich in monuments history. Also, it is once the heart of Silk Road and is the oldest inhabited cities. This is the most prominent tourist site to see because it has a giant square with deep aqua domed buildings.
  5. Tashkent It is the capital city of Uzbekistan also is known of most unexpected and surprising. This city is full of beautiful architecture, parkland, modern restaurants and too friendly people. Tashkent is an extraordinary place to visit also is one of the fastest subways systems, where trains go very fast.
    Uzbekistan is the most fantastic country with great adventures. There are many places to visit with such a rich cultural heritage and many fabulous places. With the above top destinations to visit am sure you will enjoy your stay – read article on top places to visit in uzbekistan.

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